Canada Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Guides

Canada Fishing Guides

Looking for Canada fishing guides. You’ve come to the top site for listings. Here you’ll find both saltwater and freshwater Canada fishing guides from across the Canada state and what they have to offer by visiting their website directly.

Beaulieu’s Trophy Woodland Caribou & Black Bear Hunts: Trophy hunting in Newfoundland.

Fishing BC Online: Vancouver Island salmon & halibut fishing charter specialist.

Vancouver Island Sport Fishing Charters & Tours: Salmon fishing & tours.

Mainlander Boat Charters: Toronto fishing charters.

Fishing British Columbia Canada: Fishing steelhead, brown trout, sturgeon.

Ranch Park Lodge: World class salmon, trout, sturgeon fishing.

The Greenback Hunter Guiding & Fishing Services: Your Manitoba fishing guide for walleye & catfish.

Driftwood Valley Outfitters: Wolf, black bear, mountain goat, & moose hunting. Hunt CANADA for trophy whitetail deer & black bear in Kenora, Ontario or ice fish for trout.

Mytyme Fishing Charters: Vancouver Island, halibut & salmon charter fishing.

Clearwater Adventures: Unforgettable fly fishing.

Cat Eye Outfitter: Trophy channel catfish & walleye on the Red and Winnipeg Rivers.

Fantasy Charters & Lodging: Trout & salmon fishing.

Salmon Eye Charters: Salmon & Halibut fishing in British Columbia.

Foghorn Fishing Charters: Salmon & Halibut fishing in British Columbia.

Toronto Fishing Charters: Salmon & rainbow trout fishing.

North Shore Fishing Adventure: Quebec fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching & more!

Trophy Woodland Caribou: Trophy caribou and black bear hunting.

Fraser River Fishing Adventures – BC: Sturgeon, Salmon and Trout Fishing Trips.

Canada’s Top Fishing & Hunting Outfitters: Pike, walleye, salmon, halibut; trout, caribou, elk & more!

Andrews Charter – Lake Ontario: Salmon fishing & dinner cruises and more!

1000 Island Fishing Guide Service: Bass, pike, carp, catfish & panfish guided & tournament fishing.

Ottawa River Trophy Muskie Charters: Best all around trophy muskie guide for trolling or casting.

Bites On Salmon Charters: Guided KING salmon fishing out of downtown Vancouver.

Toronto Salmon Fishing Charter: Salmon fishing charters and pleasure cruises.

Types of Canada Fishing

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