Fish Mounts Hand Carved fish carvings to Order Custom Wooden Carved Fish Mounts

Sorry But These Items Are No Longer Available. Mr. Dazet Passed Away .

Custom hand carved wooden fish mounts made to order from master wood carver William Dazet
“Masterpiece sculptures of fish art in the most natural representation…”
In promotion of fish conservation

William Dazet, originally from Buras, Louisiana., has been carving for over 25 years. As a long-time member of the Louisiana Wildlife and Carvers Guild, his carvings are literally masterpiece sculptures of fish art in the most natural representation. His handcrafted masterpieces were showcased on WWL TV New Orleans with Frank Davis on a popular weekly show called “Naturally Nawlins.”
Dazet can carve most any kind of fish species, though he prefers to do fish under 20 inches in length. His fish carving, however, can be done in various poses such as stringer, swimming, or striking. All of his carvings are either hot stamped with his logo and/or signature and date. All carved fish are packaged with plastic peanuts or bubble wrap to assure damage-free shipping.

Fish on Stringer

One very popular item is Dazet’s fish stringers which are all detailed with scales,fins and are hand painted. These stringers come mounted on old boards and the species can be either redfish, speckled trout, or bass– or any combination of the three.Each fish is approximately 18 inches in length and represent the original species in fine details.

Real-Looking, Hand-Carved Fish Stringers


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One Fish Stringer (approx 18 inches)
$109.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

ONE Fish Stringer

Two Fish Stringer (approx 18 inches ea. )
$219.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

TWO Fish Stringer

Three Fish Stringer (approx 18 inches ea. )
$329.85 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

THREE Fish Stringer:

Three Fish Stringer (approx 10-12 inches ea. )
$245.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

THREE Fish Stringer:

Fish Book Ends

Dazet can make carving for book ends as well, in which the fish is cut in half and mounted on custom wood blocks, with one half on the left and the other on the right (books in between for body). Dazet says fishing liars like to say that the more books that you add, the bigger the fish.

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13 Inch Book Ends $99.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

13 Inch Book Ends

15 Inch Book Ends $109.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

15 Inch Book Ends

17 Inch Book Ends$129.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

17 Inch Book Ends

Credenza Fish Boxes

Dazet also does fish boxes. This is a custom wooden box, with lid and a fish mounted on the top lid section. These boxes have been popular as a credenza box at an office or a man’s catchall box on a bedroom dresser. The fish box is approximately 6 inches square and about 4 inches high. The mounted fish on the lid is about 6-7 inches long. The box is made of white pine and stained with walnut and gloss varnish. He can do a redfish, speckle trout, bass, or drum fish for the lid top.

Fish Box
$139.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

Fish Box

Fish Refrigerator Magnets

Your refrigerator door is not complete, unless it displays one of these fish magnets! Hand-carved, miniature half fish, which are used as fish magnets for refrigerator doors, are among some of Dazet’s popular selling items. Each one is hand painted, complete with the fins. Dazet said that at one show where he displayed these miniature fish magnets, he sold over 70 of them in various species, such as the (#1)redfish, (#2)drum, (#3)red snapper, (#4)speckled trout, (#5)brown trout fish. All magnet fish are approximately 6 inches in length.

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Fish Magnets
$19.95 ea. + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

Fish Magnet 6 inch

While other carvers may use artificial mounts made of plastic or Styrofoam, Dazets uses the real thing. It’s no wonder that you may find him spending many hours on the banks of the Mississippi River scouring for suitable, one-of-a-kind pieces of driftwood for his masterpiece fish mountings.

Miniature Fish Stringer Inside Cedar Shadow Box

Dazet says he also makes miniature stringers of redfish, speckled trout, and drum hanging on a nail inside of a custom-made cedar shadow box. The box is made of cedar, with sealed Plexiglas for viewing. The box is approximately 8×10 inches with a depth of about 4 inches.These are really neat display/conversation pieces for hanging on the wall. Each fish is approximately 6-7 inches in length.

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2 Fish Stringer Inside Cedar Box
$159.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

TWO Fish Stringer Inside Cedar Box

Ninety percent of all Dazet’s work is custom, made-to-order commission work, although he does have certain carvings in stock. But these are mostly used as samples to show the quality and appearance of his workmanship. No two carvings are identical, Dazet says. Each and every piece is one of a kind and hand carved to order, that is one reason why it takes several weeks to complete an order.

Dazet also uses old cypress or cedar fence boards for fish mounts, when he can find them. He likes to tongue and grove the boards to get the proper width he needs for a particular mounting. For details, Dazet burns the fish scales into the carving, along with custom-made fins, with a special tool before painting them. He uses acrylic paint blends and shadows each fish individually for added details and effects. Dazet claims to have a huge library of fish images so that the replicas are as close as real to the true colors. He says that real fish, even of the same species, are rarely identically colored.

Speckled Trout or Redfish in Striking Pose on Driftwood

The carved replicas look real in all details. For example, the fish eyes are hand-painted, wooden, oval eyes inserted and glazed to give a realistic wet appearance. Each carving incorporates a hint of animation, like a curved tail fin and, in some cases, an open gill. The carvings are usually only detailed on the viewable side, much like those done by a taxidermist. However, certain mounts may be finished on both sides depending on the type of mount.. Fish mounts, like the speckled trout and redfish mounted in striking position on a piece of driftwood, make for a great mantelpiece display in any home or camp. The speckled trout mount is approximately 12-13 inches in length, while the redfish is 15 inches in length. Both of these replicas are mounted on a piece of real driftwood.

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12-13 Inch Striking Speck on Driftwood Post
$129.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

15 Inch Striking Redfish on Driftwood Post
$149.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

Square Cedar Lamps With 3 Fish Mounts

Also available are custom-made square cedar posts lamps with a miniature fish hanging on 3 sides. The lamp is 24 inches tall, is full functional, and does not include lamp shade which can be purchase from Pier 1 or a craft stores (the one displayed in picture is a rustic basket which sells for a few dollars). The forth side has no fish as this is where the plug cord exits the base of the lamp. For this type mount, Dazet usually uses 3 different species: redfish, speckled trout, and drum, though all three of the same species can be used. Each fish is approximately 6-7 inches in length.

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Square Cedar Lamp with 3 Fish
$199.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

Cedar Lamp with 3 Fish shade excluded

Burial At Sea Hollowed Fish For Cremation Ashes

For the distinguished anglers who requests their cremation ashes buried at sea; these are hollowed carved wooden fish (sea burial fish urns) that hold about 2 pounds of cremation ashes. The cremation ashes can be poured into the bottom of the fish through a hole and then plugged with a wooden plug (included) for dispensing overboard at sea. The fish species are available in speckled trout, redfish, red snapper, and bass. They are approximately 18-20 inches in length with all details but the scales.The sea burial fish is finished on both sides like the natural species. For sinking purposes, a threaded metal eyelet can be screwed into the bottom of the sea burial fish to tie a weight (such as brick or stone) with the use of a rope or similar cord.

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18-20 inch Burial at Sea Hollowed Fish
$349.95 + S&H
3 weeks order US Shipping

18-20 inch Fish for Cremation Ashes

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