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Jus’Grab It Glove

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Slime-free fish handling glove (fishing glove) for the whole family
with easy on/off with one hand from your
side like a holster…
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Which Glove Should I Use?:

Choose the correct fishing glove for the hand that you normally use to take fish off of the hook. Here’s how it works: if you are right handed, you would normally use a LEFT HANDED glove. If your are left handed, you would normally use a RIGHT HANDED glove.

What Does the Glove Consist Of?:

The glove consists of the following components/parts: 1 rubber glove, 1 retractor, 1 stainless steel needle nose
pliers, 1 adjustable waist belt with pants protector flap.
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Are Components / Parts Sold Separate?:

At present, the glove can be purchased separately in the event you have lost yours. In the near future, the retractors will become available also. Pliers can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. No other separate
parts are available. You may purchase a replacement glove here: click.

How Do I Use The Glove?:

The Jus’ Grab It Glove should fit loosely so that your hand can be lifted out of it with little effort once placed on the Velcro strip holder attached to the waist belt without the assistance of your other hand. Thus, adults should choose adult size gloves and children should choose child size gloves. Usage Tip: Some anglers find it easier to remove the glove from their hand by shaking it down to their finger tips before placing it on the belt holder. Logically, the trick is to not touch the glove with your other hand. A protector flap, located on the waist belt where the glove attaches to the Velcro strip, protects your pants from fish slime. See the following illustration: