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Louisiana Fishing Maps, topographical (topo, topographic) maps, gps maps, and charts listed herein are some of the most popular fishing areas, hot spots (hotspots), locations, waterways, bayous, canals, lakes, bays, islands, and places along the coastal and inside areas of Louisiana. Also, available are custom made maps for any place in the USA, submit information: Click.Louisiana fishing maps included locations and places like Venice, Delacroix, Point a La Hache, Port Sulfur, Lafitte, Shell Beach, nitrigfade Myrtle Grove, Hopedale, Empire, Bay Adams, Buras, Boothville, Fort Jackson, Cocodrie, Leeville, Fourchon, Golden Meadow, Bayou Lafourche, Gulf of Mexico, West Delta, Main Pass, S.W. Pass, S. Pass, Breton Sound, Breton Island, Gosier Island, Curlew Island, Free Mason Island, Mitchell Keys, Louisiana Marsh, Biloxi Marsh, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Catherine, Lake Borgne, Lake Salvador, Lake Hermitage, Lake Judge Perez, Round Lake, Catfish Lake, Little Lake, Lake Maurepas, Bayou Bienvenue, Mississippi Sound, Chandeleur Island, Chandeleur Sound, Isles Dernieres, (Last Island) Atchafalaya Bay, Marsh Island, Vermillion Bay, Sabine Lake, Calcasieu Lake, Grand Lake, White Lake, Houma, Bayou Du Large, Terrebonne Bay, Myrtle Grove, Wilkinson Bay, Grand Terre Islands, Barataria Bay maps and more.

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Mapping Louisiana since 1926

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Happy Jack South to Venice Inshore

West & East Side of Mississippi River
Southeast Louisiana Maps

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  • Happy Jack
  • Port Sulfur,
  • Bay Sansbois,
  • Bay Adams,
  • Shell  Island Bay,
  • Grand Bayou,
  • Bay Joe Wise
  • Scofield Bay,
  • English Bay
  • Bay Lanaux,
  • Bay De La Cheniere,
  • Buras,
  • California Bay,
  • Quarantine Bay,
  • Fort Jackson,
  • Boothville,
  • Taylor’s Point,
  • Baptiste Collette,
  • S.W. Pass,
  • Spillways Venice,
  • South Pass,
  • East Bay Venice,
  • Pass A Loutre Venice,
  • Head of Passes,
  • Cupids Gap,
  • Octave Pass Venice,
  • Octave Pass,
  • Dead Women Pass,
  • Pass a Loutre, Venice
  • West Delta,
  • SW Pass,
  • East Bay,
  • Tiger Pass, Venice
  • Midnight Lumps,
  • West Delta South Standard Mapping
  • Cognac Rig,
  • Lena Rig,
  • South Pass South Standard Mapping
  • 12 Mile Rigs,
  • Main Pass Standard Mapping
  • Chandeleur Island,
  • ChandeleurSound
  • Breton Sound Blocks,
  • Breton Island Venice,
  • Baptists Collette,
  • Breton Sound
  • Happy Jack,
  • Point a La Hache
  • Delacroix     Black Bay
  • Hopedale,
  • Shell Beach
  • Bayou Bienvenue,
  • M.R.G.O.
  • Lake Maurepas,
  • Lake,
  • Pontchartrain,
  • Seabrook
  • Lake Borgne East Shore
  • Fishing Smack Bay
  • Mississippi Sound,
  • Grand Pass
  • Lake Catherine,
  • Lake Pontchartrain
  • Proctor Point,
  • Lake Borgne,
  • Shell Beach
  • Pearl River,Chef Pass FMC #7, #8 GPS
  • Alligator Bend,The Rigolets FMC #8A GPS
  • Caernarvon,Lower Pearl R., Big Branch, FMC #10, #19, #20 GPS
  • Hopedale,Point / Delacroix FMC #101, #107 GPS
  • Happy Jack
  • Bay Batiste, Big Island
  • Barataria Bay
  • Bay Sansbois
  • Lake Grande Ecaille
  • WilkinsonBay
  • Laurier  Lake
  • Bayou Rigolettes
  • The Pen
  • Texaco Oil Field
  • Myrtle Grove,Bay Round
  • Lake Judge Perez
  • Bayou Grande Cheniere
  • Lake Des Allemands Lake Salvador &  Little Lake
  • Lake Salvador
  • Bayou Perot
  • Little Lake
  • Turtle Bay
  • Sabine Lake
  • Calcasieu Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • White Lake
  • Marsh Island
  • Vermilion Bay
  • Atchafalaya Bay
  • Morgan City
  • Houma
  • Raceland
  • Thibodaux
  • Grand Isle
  • Timbalier Island
  • Timbalier Bay
  • Quatre Bayoux Pass
  • Bay Le Mer
  • S Barataria Bay
  • Pass Able
  • Grand Isle
  • Caminada Pass
  • Fourchon
  • Leeville
  • Belle Pass
  • Golden Meadow
  • Bay Rambo
  • Catfish Lake
  • Timbalier Islands
  • Timbalier Bay
  • Last Island
  • Lake Pelto
  • Cocodrie
  • Caillou Lake
  • Pelican Lake
  • Whiskey Pass

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