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Marine maps, fishing maps & nautical charts for ALL saltwater & freshwater locations worldwide. It features lakes, oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, waterways, bays, rivers, islands, and bayous. These maps are provided by Smart Trip Maps and (U.S. Geological Survey) USGS . Maps can be viewed in satellite, topo or terrain view. To use Smart Trip Maps on your PC just type name of place and state in search box then from the right menu choose what you want to view by clicking the circle arrow next to the labels: Weather Forecast, Tide Charts, USGS/USBR Stream Flows. You can also zoom in and out to find your particular location and use the Create a Marker tool on the right of the map to mark a location. On a mobile device just center the area of the map over where you want to view then choose menu below the map: Map Tool or Trip Tools to find what you want to do. To hide tool menu, click the menu title label again. You can Add Marker to the place you want and then to center it click the Center Map in menu Under Map Tools. For more instructions view the link labeled DEMO top of map on a PC. To view USGS Map Locator & Downloader, locate search box above the main map image and type location.