Saltwater Fishing Pictures Gallery 2

Saltwater Fishing Pictures by outdoor writer and photographer Jerry LaBella. Picture Gallery features saltwater fishing (fish) pictures, fishing (fish) photos, and fishing (fish) photography covering many different species of fishes of the Gulf of Mexico and various scenes and fishing action shots. Saltwater fishing pictures with an asterisk at caption have been provided by other photographers.

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Saltwater Fishing Pictures

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rignightsunset.jpg (79906 bytes)
The Late Capt. Bill Herrington

sunsetboat.jpg (68590 bytes)Rainbow, Charlie Conner

SUNSHIP1.jpg (52695 bytes)
Speckled Trout, Capt. Alex Rogers

SUNSET1.jpg (33457 bytes)
HD Stringer of Breton Is. Speckled Trout

purplesun.JPG (38957 bytes)
Mahi Mahi, Gary Graham

xtreschooling tarponipics .jpg (33051 bytes)Underwater Tarpon, Xtreme Charters

surfmags.jpg (40372 bytes)Wade Fishing Angler

troutsurfacing.jpg (27116 bytes)Speckled
Trout Surfacing

surfredpolenet.jpg (50033 bytes)Rat Redfish

speckhugpaul.jpg (30694 bytes)Speckled Trout, Capt. Paul Laparouse

whitetroutlarge.jpg (40515 bytes)Fat White Trout

baracu.jpg (81333 bytes)Barracuda, Capt. Barry Bode

birdsungi.jpg (32776 bytes)
Beach Birds @ Sunset

coastguardheli.jpg (46047 bytes) Rescue Time, Coast Guard

wahoodave.jpg (51659 bytes) Wahoo, Capt. David Tompkins

wahoodaveblwhite.jpg (49213 bytes) Wahoo Time

glenarchlobster.jpg (37383 bytes) Giant rig lobster,
Glen Archambault

surfliftingtrout.jpg (48814 bytes) Speckled Trout Lifting

tunaglenblackstock.jpg (44273 bytes) Yellowfin tuna

arifgrouper.jpg (27090 bytes)Coral Grouper, Capt. Ahmed
Arif, Pacific S.W. Indian Ocean, Maldives

sailfishm.jpg (61794 bytes) Pacific Indo sail fin

atlantic moonfish.jpg (73735 bytes) Moonfish,  Capt. Ahmed Arif

red snapper2.jpg (83639 bytes)Red snapper, Capt. Ahmed Arif

jack crevalle.jpg (80242 bytes) Jack fish, Capt. Ahmed Arif

bonearif1.jpg (75104 bytes)Bonefish

amberj.jpg (93651 bytes) Amberjack, Leroy Lee

lonesurfangler.jpg (53569 bytes)Lone Wade Fishing Angler

giantredmikemul1.JPG (61754 bytes) Mike Jacob & Tim Mulmore with a reel whopper

sunrisehues.jpg (74986 bytes)Early-Morning
Hues, Capt. Dudenhefer Charters

redmouth.jpg (38152 bytes)Tagged Bull Redfish

mudlumpsecbarry.jpg (40483 bytes)Two Mules for Sister Sara

snappermatt.jpg (39977 bytes)Red Snapper

micbmouthtr.jpg (110438 bytes) Mickey Wagner with a big yellow mouth speckled trout