Saltwater Fishing Pictures Gallery 3

Saltwater Fishing Pictures by outdoor writer and photographer Jerry LaBella. Picture Gallery features saltwater fishing (fish) pictures, fishing (fish) photos, and fishing (fish) photography covering many different species of fishes of the Gulf of Mexico and various scenes and fishing action shots. Saltwater fishing pictures with an asterisk at caption have been provided by other photographers.

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Saltwater Fishing Pictures

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tiger_fish_2_small Tiger Fish, Capt. Keith Clover

tiger_fish_3_smallTiger Fish, Capt Keith Clover

2yellowfin_tuna_small2 Big Yellowfin Tunas, Puerto Vallarta Fishing

grouper_small Grouper, Capt. Gary Graham

black_bass_1_smallBlack Bass, Capt. Lynn Atkinson

black_bass_2_small2 Black Bass, Capt. Lynn Atkinson

redfish_1__smallBull Redfish, Capt. Rick Hiott

yellwfin_tuna_smallGiant Yellowfin Tuna, Puerto Vallarta Fishing

king_mackerel_small King Mackerel, Capt. Ron Presely

snook_1_small Snook, Capt. Craig Korczynski

marlin_billfish_small Billfish, Capt. Mike Fisher

black_marlin_smallBlack Marlin, Puerto Vallarta Fishing

dolphin_jon_small Dolphin/Mahi Mahi, Bluewater Jon Schwartz

Yellowfin_tuna_jon_small Giant Yellowfin Tuna, Bluewater JonSchwartz

capt_ron_snookrs_small Snook, Capt. Ron Presely

captdudered1.jpg (60988 bytes)Redfish, Capt. Dude

giant_trevally_jon_small Giant Trevally, Bluewater Jon Schwartz

blue_water_kayak_fishing_small Bluewater Kayak Fishing, Bluewater Jon Schwartz

capt_ron_castnet_small Castnet (cast net), Capt. Ron Presely