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Stingray Guards Superior Certified Protection
Don’t settle for cheap imitations or You WILL get stuck. Reports have it unless the guards are certified, persons have been penetrated and seriously injured.
Stingray Guards Attack/Protection Specifications are certified Stingray Proof.
If the ones you purchase are not certified Stingray Proof, you are at risk for serious injury.

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Superior Protection stingray guards are manufactured with 600 Denire Polyester fabric encasing polycarbonate inserts. They are stingray proof to a height of 12″ up from heel and around lower leg and upper foot area and weigh only 8 oz. View Superior Protection stingray guards illustration Click The stingray guards have been tested by the United States Testing Laboratory at ASTM-4873D specifications. Further tests include the withstanding of a 12-gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards. The test was performed with a Remington Model 11-87, 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, at full choke with 3-18 lead shot loads. The material has 2 oz. rubber waterproof applied to the inside surface to prevent water pockets from forming inside of the guards. The guards are secured in place with two 1″ wide polyester adjustable straps and quick release buckles with an additional 1″ wide polyester adjustable strap going under the foot to prevent floating up while wading. The stingray guards come in light tan color ONLY. *The stingray guards are opened at the bottom and must be worn over footwear (wade shoes or boots) since they offer no protection to the sole, toes or front of the foot. View Superior Protection stingray guards illustration Click

*NOTE: *It is a rarity that a stingray’s barb is directly stepped upon, causing penetration through the bottom of the foot (sole). Stingrays generally strike below the ankle area when stepped upon. READ MORE <Click